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Woody Valley X-Rated 7 harness

Woody Valley X-Rated 7 harness

X-Rated 7 is the most extreme example of Woody Valley’s many years of experience in competition harnesses.

It has been designed to meet the demanding requirements of professional pilots in term of comfort, flying performance, aerodynamics, and safety. For these reasons the harness has been painstakingly modified and optimised, right down to the last detail.



Woody Valley X-Rated 7 harness


The X-Rated7 is unique in its genre for both the number of new features and the quality in the details.

Its flying performance, aerodynamic shape, and responsive handling qualities in particular, have been designed to help get the very best out of modern competition gliders. X-rated 7 has can accommodate two parachutes, as required by current competition rules, and has space for a third parachute in the front. Furthermore, it is equipped with the facility for an “Anti-G” drag parachute and the new “Mini T-Lock” safety system to help prevent you from forgetting to fasten the leg and chest straps.

X-Rated 7 is equipped with LTF certified 14 cm foam back protection. The back protection is made up of two elements: one protects the seat and the lower back and the other one protects the upper back.

The harness has 2 reserve containers plus the facility for a front mounted third parachute. It has two ballast containers, a Camelbak pocket, a recess for a hookknife and it even has an exit hole designed for a pee tube – they really have thought of everything!

See below for specs:

Distance between karabiner and seat Size M cm 47; L cm 49,5; XL cm 53,5
Distance between karabiners (min. max.) cm 40/51;
Size of polycarbonate seat,  size  M Width rear 25,8 cm; Width front 23,3; Depth 32,5 cm
Size of polycarbonate seat,  size  L Width rear 27,5 cm; Width front 24,8; Depth 34,6 cm
Size of polycarbonate seat,  size  XL Width rear 29,7 cm; Width front 26,8; Depth 37,4cm

Total weight of X-RATED 7, complete with reserve chute handle, karabiners, protection, speed-bar, ballast.

M = 7,1 Kg; L = 7,7 Kg; XL = 8,5 Kg
Type of protection 14 cm foam
Type of straps Get-Up with mini T-Lock system
Rescue container Double rescue container under the seat; optional front rescue parachute
Volume of the reserve parachute housing 4000 – 10000 ccm
Working load

130 daN

Certification LTF


Higher ballast capacity

6,5 litres

Lower ballast capacity

M= 6,3 litres ; L= 7,8 litres; XL=9,8 litres


Additional information

Weight 7000 kg

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