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Woody Valley Tenax 4 Harness ***NEW***

Woody Valley Tenax 4 Harness ***NEW***

  • Sleek, low-drag profile
  • Stylish new look
  • Removable harness skin
  • 4 trim system options
  • Long tail cone for better aerodynamic shape
  • Wide back board for greater comfort



Woody Valley Tenax 4 Harness ***NEW***


Woody Valley Tenax 4 Harness

The brand newTenax 4 is the result of 2 years of hard work in conjunction with Alex Ploner and Christian Ciech. The Tenax 4 is designed for XC and competition flying.

Main Inprovements:

Back Board

The carbon and kevlar back plate of the Tenax 4 is as long as the Tenax 3 but double the width. This increases comfort and avoids pressure points on long flights.


The harness skin is made with light and strong rip-stop material which is detachable, so easy to clean, repair or even replace (if you fancy a change of colour!)

Main frame

The harness main frame is rigid in the middle and softer along the sides. The main zip is equipped with Velcro and therefore it is easily changeable.

Tail Cone

The tail cone is longer than on previous models, to give even better aerodynamics. It comes with combinable 5mm sections so the harness length can be set without adjusting the shoulder straps.


The location and deployment of the rescue parachute has always been key for Woody Valley harnesses. This means pilots must be able to deploy easily and quickly regardless of the hand they use in that moment. The location of the rescue parachute container varies according to the harness size, without compromising the overall aerodynamics of shoulders, arms and pockets. The rescue parachute stays partially inside the harness on the pilot’s back just like in the Tenax3.


The angle of dangle systems are the same as the ones offered with the Tenax3:

  • Standard – the classic “Woody Valley” self-stability system proven over many years, with a single-strap hook-in, sliding on a taut rope, all integrated in the back board.
  • Friction – a system based on the classic Woody Valley system, with an extra friction device fixed on the main attachment, working on a thin rope that is fixed at the ends of the back board (MR system). This system makes the angle of dangle adjustment  more steady and stable.
  • Inside trim – a system to change the angle of dangle that can be activated whilst flying using an internal lever (“Kick-ass” system).
  • PTS (Ploner Trim System) – using a slider rope with a limiting system

Optional left hand reserve container £30.00

Woody Valley’s quality and attention to detail is second to none.

This harness is not designed for aerobatics.


A Ask for a form to be sent to you by email
B Fill in your colour preferences & measurements
C Scan the form and email to us, or post the completed form to Airways Airsports Ltd, Darley Moor Airfiield, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 2ET. We will then contact you to confirm a delivery date for your harness.

Please take the measurements carefully as we cannot be held responsible for harnesses made to incorrect measurements. If you are able to visit us, we will take the measurements for you. The side-mounted parachute container should be on the same side as your dominant hand (right handed pilots should choose the “right” side). If you would like some help in completing the form, please call the office on 01335 344308.

Additional information

Weight 6200 kg
trim options

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Left hand reserve