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SupAir AltiX 2 Harness

SupAir AltiX 2 Harness


  • Double cell Airbag protector.
  • Underseat reserve pocket, right-hand.
  • Light foot rest
  • Existing sizes:  XS, S, M, L et XL
  • Colors : Black/red  –  Black/blue – Black / Silver with red line.
  • Weight : 4,1 Kg in M size (wooden plate) and  3,6 Kg with carbon fiber seat board (optional).
  • Options : carbon fiber seat plate, speed bar, 30 mm self locking biners.



SupAir AltiX 2 Harness


Over the years the AltiX has become our ‘bread and butter’ harness. There aren’t many pilots that you can’t recommend it to. We sell this harness to newly qualified CP pilots and eager XC hounds alike.

Packed with features and innovations; double airbag construction (the storage pocket is double skinned and the outer skin fills with air), new side-scoop air protection, new double-pin underseat deployment system, light cordura on the back, beautiful new light auto-buckles.

Now even lighter at only 4.1kg and a tiny pack volume (17cm deep!).

Improvements over the previous version

New styling: The airbag is more discreet. A sober design accentuated by a colored piping. The inner, dorsal and seating areas are in visual synch with the harness’s overall look and is punctuated with serigraphs.

Comfort : The use of 3D mesh combined with medium density foam, a rigidified and redesigned ergonomic backrest, bring more comfort to the side supports and shoulder straps. New reserve parachute pockets ERS ( Easy Release System ) : This system already in use on other models was modified and improved to facilitate the parachute extraction via a totally integrated reserve handle and container. The old pocket had a flap opening system. On the new version, the pocket still is located under the seat with a handle to the right, but the parachute extraction is made in a lateral direction with less risk of accelerator and foot-rest possible entanglement.

Construction : The ALTIX 2 is the first model to be equipped with the new SUP’AIR self-locking / quick-release buckles patented design and first assembled by an automated stitching system guaranteeing the highest achievable assembly workmanship possible and assure full product reliability.

Piloting : From an upright to reclined posture, the ALTIX 2 offers much freedom via a seat horizontal and vertical depth adjustment system to better follow the pilot’s morphology.

The foot-rest comes standard and can be put to good use by enhancing seat control during active piloting. For safety reasons, it is an integrant part of an automatic release system during reserve parachute extraction to prevent any possible entanglement.

Accessories : many details increase pilot comfort in flight : built-in radio pocket and speaker / microphone attachment connection, soft water bottle pouch, side storage pocket.

Additional information

Weight 4100 kg

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Speed bar

Carbon seat plate

Twist lock carabiners


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