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SupAir Acro 3 Harness

SupAir Acro 3 Harness

A focused acro harness designed to get the best out of your wing. Extra-low hangpoints and 38-60cm width gives phenomenal weight shift. Built extra-strong and with 2-reserve capability.
The Acro 3 offers improved back support for extreme manoeuvres.
If Acro’s your bag, this is your seat. It also makes a good XC harness.



SupAir Acro 3 Harness


  • Suitability: Acro/XC
  • Reserve: Underseat L or R or both
  • Buckles: Auto
  • Protection: Bump’Air 12
  • Weight: 5500g complete
  • Sizes: M
  • Comes with: Bridles, bump’air, stainless crabs
  • Options: Carbon Seat , Stirrup

Additional information

Weight 5500 kg
Carbon seat plate



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