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P&M Quik GT450 Microlight POA

P&M Quik GT450 Microlight POA

Based on the high performance Pegasus Quik, the GT450 comes with a new 13 sq\m wing, with a maximum take of weight of 450kg.

Individual seat loads of 110kg, and maximum fuel capacity of 65 litres.

Superb slow speed handing, genuine trim speeds of less than 50mph solo and 55mph dual, all without sacrificing maximum straight and level speeds of 95mph, 80mph trimmable.

Now you can have it all.


P&M Quik GT450 Microlight POA


Performance Data


  • Max level speed: 95mph (152km/h)
  • VNE: 110mph (177km/h)
  • Trim Speed range(max\min Weight): 55-75mph \ 47-80mph
  • Climb rate @ MTOW:
    912s 1250ft/min
    912 1075ft/min
  • Stall speed @ MTOW 38mph (48km/h)
  • Take off to 15m, MTOW:
    912s 202m
    912 216m
  • Landing dist from 15m,MTOW 172m
  • Ultimate strength: +6g, -3g
  • Manoeuvre loads: +4g, -0g
  • Wing Span: 925cm
  • Wing Area: 13sqm
  • Rate of Descent 517 ft/min


  • Empty Weight:
    912s 217kg
    912 214kg
  • Max pilot/pass weight: 220kgs
  • Seat Load: 110kgs
  • Min pilot weight: 55kgs
  • MTOW: 450kgs
  • Wheel track: 165cm
  • Wheel Base: 182cm
  • Trike Length \ Width \ Height: 290cm \ 183cm \ 230cm
  • Overall Height \ Length: 374cm \ 370cm


  • Fuel consumption @ 75mph: 13 lph
  • Fuel Capacity: 65 Litres
  • Max RPM: 5500

Additional information

Weight 450000 kg