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P&M Ace Aviation Magic Laser microlight complete POA

P&M Ace Aviation Magic Laser microlight complete POA

A 38litres fuel tank is fitted as standard giving a range of over 200 miles. The trike has many standard features. Adjustable front fork position for different leg length. Drum braked front nose wheel. Heavily padded and very comfortable seating. Large integral luggage compartments under and behind the seat, big enough for overnight gear. Overhead pull starter for in-flight restarts. Dual throttles. Large integral hand throttle in console with ignition switch and choke lever.

5 point harness with adjustable shoulder and chest straps. Extending pylon for attachment and removal of the wing by one person.

Performance Data

  • Max level speed: 65mph
  • VNE: 80mph
  • Trim Speed: 45-55mph
  • Climb rate @ MTOW (Rotax 447):
  • Stall speed: 24mph
  • Take off distance to 15m: 150m
  • Landing dist from 15m: 130m
  • Ground Roll: 75m
  • Rate of Descent: 400 ft/min


P&M Ace Aviation Magic Laser microlight complete POA


The Ace Aviation Magic Laser offers good performance coupled with docile handling all at an affordable price. It features a 90% double surface, 13 sqm wing, and coupled with the Rotax 447 engined trike offers effortless 50mph cruise at 9 litres/hour, and a maximum straight and level speed of 65mph.

Additional information

Weight 200000 kg