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Microavionics Triple Head High Power Strobe MM033

Microavionics Triple Head High Power Strobe MM033

  • Input Voltage 9 – 80 volts AC or DC
  • Current 500mA – 2Amp (500mA if connected to AC volts)
  • Flash Rate 40 – 300 per minute (user adjustable)
  • Brightness 50 Joule per cycle
  • Driver box – 200 grams, 80 X 60 x 50mm


Microavionics Triple Head High Power Strobe MM033


igh power strobe system. The strobe can be connected from 9 – 80v AC or DC volts. Ideally connected to AC volts for aircraft with little spare power output. The power consumption is less than 500mA if connected to AC volts or 2Amp connected to DC volts.
The strobe can be set to give 5 burst flash or adjust to single, double, triple or quadruple flash using the user DIP switch settings. Also the burst speed and alternating speed is fully user selectable by the adjuster on the front of the driver box. The system has the option to double or triple the output power giving an ultra powerful flash.
The driver box weight is only 200 grams and measuring 80 x 60 x 50mm, made from pressed aluminium and is anadized in blue.
The strobe heads come in either teardrop or cyclinder lens and the customer should specify preference.
Each strobe unit comes with a 6m cable that can be cut to length.

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Weight 800 kg