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The LIBERO is born to satisfy the needs of all those pilots dreaming of a simple and comfortable harness.
It is suitable for beginners, occasional pilots and also experienced pilots thirsty non-competitive fun flights.




Only 4 Kg including carabiner and rucksack
Slender and with a compact rucksack
comfortable and easy to fly also during take off and landing
Four main adjustable sizes that fit most pilots
No hard board on the back, just 4 little pipes
Titanal carabiner weighing only 76 g
Radio & accessory pocket on the opposite side of the rescue parachute
Embedded drogue chute compartment
Loops for tow/winch take off
Replaceable foot protection
Inner pocket for glider bag and CamelBak
Two wide outer side pockets
Clam cleat line for the angle-of-dangle adjustment
Velcro-attached replaceable outer skin
DHV certified for 120 Kg at 9 g