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Gin One G Reserve Outer Container

Gin One G Reserve Outer Container

Outer rescue parachute container.


Gin One G Reserve Outer Container


Gin Gliders One G reserve parachute outer container.

Suitable for retro fitting to most harnesses, this outer container enables you to front mount your reserve parachute onto any paragliding or paramotoring harness.

Will accept most reserves up to 42 sq. m.

Four leaf clover style closure, held by pin and Velcro system. The container includes a Velcro top section which acts as a deck for mounting instruments. The container will accommodate different sizes of reserves, but is ideally suited for standard reserve sizes (not lightweights like the Yeti Reserve).

Very popular with paramotor pilots!

For larger packed reserves like the Yeti 50 and 60, choose the new Combi Outer Container

Size: one

Weight: 250g

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Weight 250 kg